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Who We Are

Welcome to Boonville is the creation of three talented women: Thalia Finegold, Michelle Singer, and Deidrah Shutt.

Michelle: Hi, let me tell you a little about the three of us (since nobody wanted to write their own author bio). We are three hugely successful authors. I own a 1500 acre estate in a small town in Pennsylvania. Most of my time is divided between visits there and my penthouse in New York City. 
For fun I like to travel on my private jet. Most recently I went to Rio for Carnivale.

Deidrah Shutt lives with her husband Keith at their family home in Kentucky. When they aren’t spending time with the horses and their many friends and family who stop in, they enjoy globetrotting to new and exciting destinations. To relax, they head to their beach house in South Carolina.

Thalia Finegold and her husband Sam spend their free time in South America volunteering in developing countries. When not helping make other’s lives better, they like to relax in their modest 5 bedroom mansion on their private island off the coast of Jamaica. Thalia enjoys sky div…

Deidrah: What are you doing?
Michelle: Writing our bios for the web site.
Deidrah: But none of this is true.
Michelle: I know. That’s why I’m writing it. Because it’s going on the internet.
Deidrah: What? That’s why you CAN’T do it.

Michelle:  But if it’s on the internet it has to be true. So if I put this on the website it will be true and we’ll become rich, famous authors.
Deidrah: That isn’t how it works. Come over here and I’ll explain it to you. Thalia, you’re the most organized. Will you write this page please?
Thalia: Of course.

  Michelle is a successful career woman. She’s the mother of two, a son and daughter and grandmother to one beautiful granddaughter. She has multiple writing projects in progress including more Boonville stories and a middle grades fantasy novel. She resides in Pennsylvania on a small farm that she shares with her cat.

Born in Wellsville,New York, Deidrah is a  graduate of Regent University with a degree in psychology. Her writing covers various genres from middle grade novels to young adult contemporary fantasies. She also lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Keith, their Dalmatian, two cats, and two ferrets.

Thalia was also born in Wellsville, New York. She is the youngest of seven children. She mainly writes poetry but has recently expanded into short stories and is currently revising a novel she wrote. She resides on the family farm in up state New York with her husband, Sam, three dogs and four cats.